Making Money Online and Why Email Marketing Still Works


One of the most popular questions I saw being asked here is:
“How do I make money online?”
So I thought I’d give my own perspective on this.
The truth is there are tones of ways to make money online.
Sure there are many scams around. I’ve wasted a lot of money on some of them.
But there are also opportunities all around that can be used to make money on the internet.

Personally I see two main approaches to making money on the internet.

The first approach:

Things like cpa marketing, youtube marketing, building niche sites, doing surveys, business opportunity programs, MLM programs, blogging, writing articles or offering some kind of other service such as graphic design, creating videos on fiverr etc.
The list goes on. These are all ways how you can make money, but these are just income methods and 99% of the time not something which you should focus too much of your time on. Click here for more information
Don’t get me wrong you can make money with these but it’s not always something that is stable enough or allows you to grow your income the way you really want.

The second approach is Email Marketing:

banner-market-email wordpress

You got it right! Email marketing still works.
Actually if you look at many of the online gurus and many people that create serious income online, they all build their own database of customers.
Building a targeted email list and selling affiliate offers or even better your own products can be the most profitable, the most stable and the most effective way you can use to make money online. check out here for information.

When you build your own targeted email list then you are building a business and not just an income stream where you make a few a few extra bucks. Building a business means you create and build something that will last years to come and it flourishes over time so the longer you build it for then the more profitable it will become.Email-Marketing wordpress1

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